The ICNI’2015 conference is focus on EEG/FMRI Neurofeedback, BCI and large-scale brain modelling, mainly covering, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • EEG/fMRI Neurofeedback
  • Brain-computer interface with its applications
  • Large-scale brain modelling
  • EEG-MRI fusion
  • Brian network analysis
  • Neural field Theory

The abstract should include the title, author (please submit abstracts with conference participant’s name underlined), organization, e-mail address, paper body, graphs and reference materials. The paper should be of A4 size (210mm x 297mm) with 12 points space before the first line of body; 3 points before and after the paragraph with both sides aligned and single-line spacing. Top and bottom margins should be 2.8cm and 2.0cm respectively with both left and right margins of 2.5cm. Title should be in font size 4 and bold. Author’s name, organization, postal code and address should be in Times New Roman Font with font size 5 while the body should be in font size 4. The abstracts are to be prepared in Word 98 or higher versions

Submission: Please submitted your abstract through email ( )

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