Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Book Giveaway: The Promise of Deer Run by Elaine Marie Cooper

This is a delightful historical novel set in the late 1700s after the Revolutionary War. A Continental soldier still awaits the return of his missing father, years after the last battle. Haunted by the memories of war and scarred from betrayal in love, the young man turns away from his faith. Then he discovers his hope is shared by a young woman, who understands loss and the longing for a father. As they encounter this unexpected connection, their hearts are drawn together. But jealousy, slander, and misunderstandings ignite a fire of doubt and mistrust--destroying their relationship. Can two souls longing for healing and trust learn to love again? Can faith and family be restored?

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Woes of the EPA—A Lesson on how to save energy and water
            Once again the EPA has affected my life in a negative manner. I feel led to share that experience with others who may have been personally affected by the intrusion of government. At this point in time, we are all feeling it on every hand as our liberties are being snatched away one at a time. Three of the most appalling ones recently have been the closing down of children’s lemonade stands to raise money for worthy causes; the removal of Girl Scouts who were selling GS cookies on the street without a permit, and just this morning I heard they are stopping bake sales. I wonder if anyone can produce one shred of evidence that anyone was ever harmed by these activities. Do you know of anyone who was ever poisoned by children’s lemonade? Or items purchased at a bake sale? And do children really need permits to earn a little spending money, to learn to be responsible, to count money and develop honest business practices, to employ good public relations, to employ a good work ethic? Aren’t those things we need in our country?
            Oh my, I digress. This week my washing machine of 10 years “broke.” Upon calling a repair man, we learned that it would cost almost as much to fix it as it would to purchase a new one. We opted for the new one; made a trip to Lowe’s and came home with our new machine. The first full load of clothes I washed, I noticed they did not smell clean so I washed them again. I happened to be standing by the machine when it went into the rinse cycle so I opened the lid and was amazed to see there was not enough water to cover the clothes. After reading all the paperwork that came with it, I learned that it meets the new EPA requirements to conserve energy and water. The same amount of water comes in the machine rinse regardless of whether it’s a light load or a heavy load. I called the store and they reminded me that they had told me that when I bought the machine. They did tell me it was energy and water efficient, but I still expected it to wash my clothes thoroughly. The clerk said they did not have any machines in the store that were any different, that all of them had to meet that requirement now. Disappointed, I returned home began the task of learning how to make the most of this INEFFICIENT machine. Now when the rinse cycle kicks in I have to be standing by the machine, turn it back to the wash cycle and fill the machine again, then turn it back to the rinse cycle. Then I can go back to my work at the computer. Tell me please how this saves water and energy! I am using more water and energy and wasting a lot of time in the process.
            I have other stories of how the EPA has intruded in my life and destroyed a family business that was built to their specifications, but I’ll save that for another day when I’m truly exasperated.
            Now I want to hear your personal stories. Please leave a comment and tell us how government intrusion is affecting your life. If you’ve purchased a washing machine lately that is not energy and water “efficient,” please share the brand name with us.

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